DIY Stirplate Kit

BYO enclosure. Everything else you need to build your own powerful and reliable magnetic stirrer is included in this kit.
Manufacturer: Digital Homebrew
GTIN: 0740781857126


We're very fond of "Do it yourself" at Digital Homebrew, after all it was just a few DIY endeavours that sparked our company into existance.

With the DIY Magnetic Stirrer Kit we hope to share the fun of DIY with you. It includes everything you'll need to build your own high quality magnetic stirrer except for the enclosure - "BYO enclosure mate". This gives you the flexibility to build your stir plate large or small, and make use of what you already have on hand, at a fraction of the cost of the commercial units.

Speaking of commercial units, we've been designing and selling a line of Digital Stirplates for some years now and many of the parts used in this DIY kit are the same as those in our commercial units. This means that if you do your part right, your finished stir plate will work just like a bought one with top notch performance and reliability.

As of 2015 this kit has ben upgraded! We've gathered suggestions from the home brewing community and this kit is all about making the build EASIER than ever before. Not only do we supply more parts, but we've also redesigned our circuit board to make the build go smoother, with fewer tools and less effort involved. All you need is a drill, an enclosure and a few minutes of your time.

The new kit also comes with an international power adapter that covers a wide range of voltages and includes the connectors for all major regions including AU, EU, US and UK. This means that you'll have the right power adapter, no matter where you're located.

Finally, we've also included a second stir bar in each kit. The second stirbar was previously an extra option at checkout, but it's just so useful we decided to include it in all of our kits. The second stir bar comes in handy to fish your first stir bar out of your starter and if you ever do accidentally pitch your stirbar into your fermentor, at least you'll have a backup that you can use over the next few weeks until you can retrieve it!

Here is an example of what we put together ourselves using a 3D printed skeleton enclosure. You can download the plans from thingyverse by clicking this link: -


Watch us build a DIY Magnetic Stirplate Kit V2 in the a project box and see it in action: -


Watch us build a DIY Magnetic Stirplate Kit in a Tupperware Container and see it in action (we use the orange buttons in this video): -


BONUS:  - All kits now include 4 bonus orange spacer buttons.  These buttons can be clipped (or glued) to the top of the fan and glued to the top surface of your enclosure.  They will make it easy to mount your fan with perfect spacing from the top surface of your container (you can see us using these buttons in the Tupperware build video above).

Parts Included:

  • Motor Controller Board
  • 80mm Fan with Neodynium magnet rotating assembly
  • 2 x 30mm x 7mm PTFE coated, AlNiCo magnet stir bars
  • 12V Multi-Country Power adapter (AU, US, UK and EU)
  • 4 x Plastic spacer buttons

Required to complete:

  • An enclosure of your choosing
  • Mounting hardware, glue, screws or spacers for the fan and PCB
  • Tools (as required for your enclosure)


Need more Stir Bars?

Get an extra Stir Bar for $3.50 instead of USD$3.95 with this DIY Magnetic Stirplate Kit. Just 'check' the check box above (near the price) and a 30mm x 7mm PTFE Coated, AlNiCo Magnetic Stirbar will be added at our discounted price your cart.

Want to 3D Print the Skeleton Enclosure featured above?

Get the files from Thingiverse - click here.